We are a family company. We offer our customers the opportunity to change the color, repair or even an interior or exterior makeover on an old looking property . Our ultimate goal is to perform our work with precision, quality and on time so that our customers attest that they are important to us. We serve you with attractive prices and personal dedication to the projects, what makes us reliable and recommended.

We are the business owners since March 2003, and during all these years we have accomplished many residential and commercial projects with success.

We also run People Who Make a Difference Foundation, created in August 2011, which gives financial aid to those who are health uninsured and presents a chronic disease.

Please visit our website at www.peoplewhomakeadifference.org

We are a phone call away, located in Orlando, FL and ready to serve you.






Ademar is the Operations Director.  Due to his years of experience in this work area, he is able to lead his people with confidence and a pleasant leadership.  He is very well oriented, detailed and a perfectionist, which makes his people highly qualified helpers bringing great results on the company's projects and clients satisfaction.




Marcia is the Commercial Manager with great communication skills. She enjoys visiting the potential clients, talking with them on the phone and engaging with them during the painting project or any other project Rainbow Inc. can offer.  She does everything to keep the client satisfied and happy. When facing unpredictable situations she controls it with calm and wisdom, which makes the client confident that the company will take care of it and the result will be favorable to them. Marcia shows a great professionalism managing her duties.